Sunday, June 12, 2011

the summer of sausage

not that kind of sausage....pervs...
one of my most wonderful friends happens to be the biggest keilbasa snob on earth...and let me tell you...she has created a bunch of maniacs...weve replaced our weekly all girl's bbq usual hamburgers and hotdogs with ribs & keilbasa...but not "the fake kind"...its been a great way to end our weeks now that it's nice out...especially since my time here in NY is slowly coming to an end (a temporary end)...and thank god its slow...i dont know what i would do without these girls...

im going to try to do at least 2 posts a week...ive been reading a lot of other blogs lately and i must say, i've become quite obsessed...i really would like to start doing outfit posts but i feel so stupid taking pictures of myself...and i know my fashion sense will be well liked among the blogger crowd...but im really in need of people following...just so i know if people are actually reading this, or its just a virtual diary

like i said in my last post...thing are kind of at a standstill for me, so things are kind of boring...except being a total beach are some pics from the last week of what ive been doing...or lack there of =)

*1*carvel soft ice cream in the universe*2*noodle*3*friday night girl's grill*4*Pete's Clam fave*5*ribs & my favorite cheap beer PBR*6*SMORES!!*7*on the carousel @ the queens zoo

Friday, June 3, 2011

no consistency

i really need to get better at blogging more...but truthfully things have been a little crazy, yet at a total going back to school after 10 years in a field i know next to nothing about...from actor to basically ive just been trying to find work for the next two months until i leave for school...from new this city girl is definitely in for some major changes...i will be closer to my boyfriend...but away from my friends and right now im just waiting to start this new hoping all this waiting makes for a fun summer with my friends before i head south for the fall...although this 79 degree...a little humidity weather makes me not want to move

over the long weekend my best friend and i hopped on a chinatown bus from NYC to Fredericksburg VA...yes we know all about the dangers, and theres even a newspaper article that was written quoting us entirely...its pretty amusing for those who know us personally...

here are some pics from our weekend in Virginia...i didnt want to leave

*1*chaos in chinatown,nyc*2*pretty sunset in delaware*3*crablegs on the beach *4*stonewall jackson's arm's grave *5*chinatown jerky A.MAY.ZIN *6* before we got to lay out *7*the ellway house at wilderness battlefield *8*absynth candy...dangerous *9*deer everywhere


Sunday, May 22, 2011

its the end of the world...and i feel fine

so we all survived...i never had my doubts...over the weekend my friends and i figured...if were gonna go...then we might as well go at one of our favorite best friends lake house in upstate new york...this city girl baited her own fishing rod...although i didnt catch anything, i somehow managed to have to rebait about four or five times...we fished in a rain storm getting our feet all dirty (i love wet grass on bare feet)...we played kings...ate yummy kalbasa...had some of the best laughs...and got an awful practical joke played on me (no matter what anyone tells you...theres no hook man killer on the loose) are some of the shots from the weekend...

i will eventually do fashion shots...not spring ready and must remind my hair that its not august yet...theres no reason to be so frizzy =)...enjoy!

*1*kings*2*baiting a hook for the first time*3*our backdrop for the weekend*4*early morning reflections*5*my best friend during late night card games*6*sitting on the dock fishing*7*the spread*8*gorgeous skies*9*marked for savior (or citronella candle crud)*

Sunday, April 17, 2011

sunday blues

for some reason at around 10 PM on sunday nights i just get really sad...must be the fact that i have to get up really early after two days of sleeping in...or just my new yorker anxiety that after 30 years im still not accustomed to...HOWEVER...being the big theater geek that i am...i always seem to get show tunes of some sort stuck in my head when im feeling down...tonight...was Free To Be You & Me's "its alright to cry"...heres the video...its from the 70s...very old school...very awesome...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

april showers....

So if most people are like me...theyre sick of this awful grey weather...yeah yeah...april showers...i know the drill...but lately all i want to do is put my feet in the sand...have my two best friends on either side of me...and a vodka lemonade in all of our hands (just double fistin)...and just sit on the beach...this song (even though its about rain) just gives you one of those feelings that if you closed your eyes you can feel the sun beating down on you...

Saturday, April 9, 2011


so some of my friends would refer to me as being kind of a snob when it comes to certain things...especially my not one of those long island girls who does the lee press on airbrush shit..i like to keep them short and polished...kind of like on "the hills" (has anyone ever noticed their nails always looked so perfect?)...anyway...ive gotten great at doing my own nails (pedicures i wont do)...but anyway...essie always has the best collections for each season...especially some of the not so traditional colors look great...these are two of my faves for the spring:

Tart-Deco...i was never much of a coral fan...but this color is HAWT...first of all it immediately makes my skin look a little tanner (which is always nice) gives outfits a great pop when you're wearing those grays, blacks, and browns...and goes great with any color...its another choice that you never have to worry wether it matches your does

Sew Psyched...THIS IS MY FAVE!!!!!!!!! even though this green doesn't necessarily look like it would go with a lot of outfit choices, it comes out sort of a neutral almost dark beige-ish color...every time my nails (hands or feet) are this color I get asked daily what color it is...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

forest of feelings

every time i look at etsy I find myself intrigued by all the hand made jewelry...even found myself searching the FIT website to see if they have some sort of jewelry making latest kick that i've been on is anything with squirrels...acorns...or owls...its probably weird...but i think its cute...and im kinda digging it right are some of the stores that have me checking in every day...this stuff also makes me think of the carebears when they find their cousins in the forest of feelings...such a great movie...
...the brass squirrel necklace will definitely be around my neck just in time for spring...
...the rose bud studs remind me of being little...

i also just realized this blog is a great way for me to hint to people what i want for my birthday...and all other days that anyone would like to suprise me with presents

Monday, April 4, 2011

i am schwartz

so i used to have a blog (which i started about a year ago)...but i deleted this year i am trying to make it a point to keep up to date with all things i am up to date with...people think im pretty funny...and pretty outspoken...and enjoy pretty cool why not put it all in one place...i think the first post is the awkward...ugh...ok...happy reading! LOL