Sunday, May 22, 2011

its the end of the world...and i feel fine

so we all survived...i never had my doubts...over the weekend my friends and i figured...if were gonna go...then we might as well go at one of our favorite best friends lake house in upstate new york...this city girl baited her own fishing rod...although i didnt catch anything, i somehow managed to have to rebait about four or five times...we fished in a rain storm getting our feet all dirty (i love wet grass on bare feet)...we played kings...ate yummy kalbasa...had some of the best laughs...and got an awful practical joke played on me (no matter what anyone tells you...theres no hook man killer on the loose) are some of the shots from the weekend...

i will eventually do fashion shots...not spring ready and must remind my hair that its not august yet...theres no reason to be so frizzy =)...enjoy!

*1*kings*2*baiting a hook for the first time*3*our backdrop for the weekend*4*early morning reflections*5*my best friend during late night card games*6*sitting on the dock fishing*7*the spread*8*gorgeous skies*9*marked for savior (or citronella candle crud)*

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