Sunday, June 12, 2011

the summer of sausage

not that kind of sausage....pervs...
one of my most wonderful friends happens to be the biggest keilbasa snob on earth...and let me tell you...she has created a bunch of maniacs...weve replaced our weekly all girl's bbq usual hamburgers and hotdogs with ribs & keilbasa...but not "the fake kind"...its been a great way to end our weeks now that it's nice out...especially since my time here in NY is slowly coming to an end (a temporary end)...and thank god its slow...i dont know what i would do without these girls...

im going to try to do at least 2 posts a week...ive been reading a lot of other blogs lately and i must say, i've become quite obsessed...i really would like to start doing outfit posts but i feel so stupid taking pictures of myself...and i know my fashion sense will be well liked among the blogger crowd...but im really in need of people following...just so i know if people are actually reading this, or its just a virtual diary

like i said in my last post...thing are kind of at a standstill for me, so things are kind of boring...except being a total beach are some pics from the last week of what ive been doing...or lack there of =)

*1*carvel soft ice cream in the universe*2*noodle*3*friday night girl's grill*4*Pete's Clam fave*5*ribs & my favorite cheap beer PBR*6*SMORES!!*7*on the carousel @ the queens zoo

Friday, June 3, 2011

no consistency

i really need to get better at blogging more...but truthfully things have been a little crazy, yet at a total going back to school after 10 years in a field i know next to nothing about...from actor to basically ive just been trying to find work for the next two months until i leave for school...from new this city girl is definitely in for some major changes...i will be closer to my boyfriend...but away from my friends and right now im just waiting to start this new hoping all this waiting makes for a fun summer with my friends before i head south for the fall...although this 79 degree...a little humidity weather makes me not want to move

over the long weekend my best friend and i hopped on a chinatown bus from NYC to Fredericksburg VA...yes we know all about the dangers, and theres even a newspaper article that was written quoting us entirely...its pretty amusing for those who know us personally...

here are some pics from our weekend in Virginia...i didnt want to leave

*1*chaos in chinatown,nyc*2*pretty sunset in delaware*3*crablegs on the beach *4*stonewall jackson's arm's grave *5*chinatown jerky A.MAY.ZIN *6* before we got to lay out *7*the ellway house at wilderness battlefield *8*absynth candy...dangerous *9*deer everywhere