Saturday, April 9, 2011


so some of my friends would refer to me as being kind of a snob when it comes to certain things...especially my not one of those long island girls who does the lee press on airbrush shit..i like to keep them short and polished...kind of like on "the hills" (has anyone ever noticed their nails always looked so perfect?)...anyway...ive gotten great at doing my own nails (pedicures i wont do)...but anyway...essie always has the best collections for each season...especially some of the not so traditional colors look great...these are two of my faves for the spring:

Tart-Deco...i was never much of a coral fan...but this color is HAWT...first of all it immediately makes my skin look a little tanner (which is always nice) gives outfits a great pop when you're wearing those grays, blacks, and browns...and goes great with any color...its another choice that you never have to worry wether it matches your does

Sew Psyched...THIS IS MY FAVE!!!!!!!!! even though this green doesn't necessarily look like it would go with a lot of outfit choices, it comes out sort of a neutral almost dark beige-ish color...every time my nails (hands or feet) are this color I get asked daily what color it is...

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